Bangladesh is our beloved mother land. We have been passing period of more than three era from our liberation with many bright possibility but also with problems. Our country, Bangladesh is a over populated, many natural wealth, green surrounding natural beauty charming country. Geographically, the country may be small but god has built it with natural beauty. We all have endeavor to be established as dignityfull and self-reliable nation self all over the world to by progressing in trading and industries. At the age of free market economy, the world is facing many problems in the sector of commerce and establishing industries.

It is unavoidable demand of twenty first century to make the country and nation as self sufficient through taking endeavor to face those problems of development. Change and extension in our economic sector of country like us has happened as well as other changing of time and other situations. We are being displace from our root. No change has come on basis of our expectation firm our generation to next generation. We are looking to such possible field of economy which will be reflected by integrated endeavor of youth generation. Sindabad Development Bangladesh Limited has started it mission with commitment of real exercise of endless endeavor and Islamic Economic System of several young’s who are thinking to establish economic progress according to this new feature of the society. We believe, we have been going on the way to be able and we shall be able to do such.

We are youth to stand like hard wall in the endeavors of youths, we are not restrictable, we have light to youth to be success like other countries. We are modern in consciousness, breavy to create, loyal to creator, strong in principle, pioneer in truth and the beauty. We shall be able to built a new world. We are sanguine, committed to realize our dream. Dawn sun of our life will be colorful by remaining active in our hand. We have developed culture of morality and honesty, transparency and accountability at every stage. We are considering these subjects to built a progressive Bangladesh in future. Sindabad development Bangladesh Limited has taken money profitable project to implement this object